5 Best Forex VPS in 2022

5 Best Forex VPS in 2022: Not sure what is a Forex VPS?

Or known as a virtual private server, it is a device that functions alone, such as a computer.

Traders use VPS as an operating system that they can use remotely to control their trade 24/7.

Virtual private servers contain all the data you need to operate your trade independently, and they are configured according to individual traders and their needs.

This article will check some of the best VPS Forex Platforms and what VPS forex platforms are most suitable for you and your trading journey.

This will also highlight the best cheap VPS on the market.

5 Best Forex VPS in 2022
5 Best Forex VPS in 2022

What Are The Best Forex VPS In 2022?

1. ForexVPS.net

Pros Cons
Highly optimized – This VPS is known to be very highly optimized The trading software needs to be manually installed
Downtime update schedule – Provides a time in which the platform will be updated, so it does not interfere with your trades
Auto-boot option

Known for its ability to provide VPS services for trading servers, Forecvps.net is a VPS that provides a ranks of top -level machines designed to offer high -performance platforms for its users.

Latency – Forexvps.net latency measures 1 ms+.

RAM/CPU – RAM for VPS is 2 to 3 GB, while the CPU is a high frequency.

The number of available locations – Forexvps.net has a server in eight countries. The US and Britain are their strongest countries with the highest concentration, but this platform is known to have good coverage around Asia and other locations as well.

Price – Forexvps.net has several plans designed to attract traders or traders who want to collaborate. The four packages include: Basic ($ 29.74/month), Basic+ ($ 33.99/month), standard ($ 50.14/month) and high frequency ($ 57.79/month). Each package offers an increase in RAM, CPU, and storage.

Visit ForexVPS.net

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2. VPSServer.com

Pros Cons
Top-tier cloud infrastructure – This helps to enforce a fully robust system and also means storage is relatively fast Most of the locations are based in the US
Known for its excellent scalability It’s forex virtual trading does not include any CPUs
Many data centers to choose from

VPS server is a popular platform that focuses specifically on VPS servers.

There are many different models to choose from. It has a large network of 17 data centers, which are mostly in the UK.

However, this does not affect the scope of the other four continents filled with.

  • Latency – latency depends on the location. If you go to the website, it will show latency per location.
  • RAM/CPU – RAM for VPS is 192 GB, while the CPU is up to 32 core.
  • The number of available locations – as mentioned above, vosserver.com is available at 17 locations; However, this location is mainly in the US.
  • Price – Vpsserver.com offers a free Forex VPS server for seven days. This will give new users the opportunity to test the server before they are committed. After that, there is a three-level price determination system to be selected, with an initial price of $ 24.99/per month.

Visit VPSServer.com

3. NextPointHost

Pros Cons
It offers remote access so you can access your trades while you are on the move Some traders might prefer a more specific and specific pricing structure
The pricing system is easy to understand for all traders The platform is only available in three locations
There are discounts on offer

Want to try one of the very first hosts in the world?

Well, Nextourinthost is one of the first to offer a forex server and is still strong with its VPS today.

  • Latensi-Nexpointhost offers low latency data centers.
  • A number of available- locations are available in three top-level locations and are known as one of the top forex exchanges in this area. It has servers in Singapore, London, and New York.
  • Uptime – The server has a 99.9% uptime and is available for long-distance access.
  • Price – NextPointhost is one of the cheapest VPS servers. The price-setting model is easy to obtain-use to pay € 35/month for the use of a single server and receive 10 trading licenses; You can also get a 25% discount if you are prepaid for three years.

Visit NextPointHost

4. Trading FX VPS

Pros Cons
Fast speed servers It might be quite pricey compared to other servers
Top-notch data protection
A varied pricing plan structure

Known for various trade machines, FX VPS trade is ideal for traders and beginners who are tenor.

  • Latency- trade FX VPS offers low latency servers.
  • The number of available locations – FX VPS trade has seven locations in total: London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Honk Kong, Frankfurt, Chicago, and New York.
  • RAM/CPU – RAM for FX VPS trading measures 2 to 8 GB, while the CPU is 1 to 4 cores.
  • Price – FX VPS trading offers three price packages for selected: standard VPS $ 25/month (offering 2 GB RAM, one core CPU, 30 GB storage); Continued VPS $ 45/Month (Package offers 4 GB RAM, two CPU cores, 40 GB storage); VPS expert $ 90/month (8 GB RAM, four CPU cores and 50 GB storage).

Visit Trading FX VPS

5. AccuWeb Hosting

Pros Cons
The price points are quite reasonable You might be required to submit reviews to the site
AccuWeb Hosting is known to have an exceptionally reliable security system

If you are looking for VPS providers who specialize in Windows hosting, Accu web hosting is one -only for you.

Don’t worry if not. This has introduced a series of new services for many years.

  • Latency – 1 to 10 ms.
  • The number of available locations – Accuweb Hosting is available in 15 locations, which you can see on the website. This allows traders to target the largest forex exchange around.
  • RAM/CPU –RAM is 1 to 32 GB, while the CPU offers 2 to 8 cores.
  • Price – Accuweb Hosting offers six different price plans to be selected, ranging from $ 15/month (which offers two CPU cores, 1 GB of RAM, and 35 GB storage) up to $ 386.99/month (which offers eight-core CPUs, 32 GB RAM, 640 GB of storage).

Visit AccuWeb Hosting

Is VPS Good for Forex Trading?

Also known as currency trading, forex (foreign exchange) is the largest financial market in the world, with a large number of assets traded every day.

Even if you don’t invest too much, you should consistently be told about the always-changing market and different scenarios.

This is where the VPS comes in.

As mentioned above, this allows you to access your device from a distance wherever you are and stay above your trade and market.

This helps traders who might continue to lose their connections in the middle of trade or have the potential to miss trading operations if they travel from their central devices.

How to Choose the Right Forex VPS

If you are new to the world of forex trade, you might not get used to what VPS is doing and how it can help with technical limitations related to trade.

Sometimes you might experience technical problems or want to trade while traveling. Either way, VPS can help with this.

There are other factors that need to be considered when considering which VPS to choose.

How Secure the Data Is

This is an important factor to think about. Most of the VPS platforms around have vase security steps.

However, you might find some have more security steps than others that might feel safer, especially if you are a new trader.

Check the security process of each platform before you register.

If the VPS Offers Support

Another important part of your VPS trip is to explore whether the platform has an easy-to-use network or customer service center.

This is especially the key for new traders because they might need help from time to time.

Look at the website platform and feel what the customer service protocol is.

For some of them, you might be able to have instant support through the chat function, while for others, you might only be able to send emails to them.

If the VPS Provides Several Locations to Increase Speed

Again, this will depend on whether you want to trade at home or if one of the reasons you use VPS is to trade when you are traveling.

As mentioned in the list above, some providers will have various locations where speeds may have more impact.

This information will be on the provider’s website, and it will give you speed in various locations so you can adjust your own experience.

Response Time

You might ask questions about VPS response time and how often they are offline. For example, you cannot trade using VPS if offline.

Check to see if the provider can guarantee a certain percentage of uptime. You will be able to find out this when you do research on the provider site.

Configuration and Compatibility

This must be understood, and you must see how to configure VPS.

If you are a new trader, you might want to find VPS that might have an easier configuration.

The same applies to compatibility, and you need to make sure the VP you choose is compatible with your technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPS good for forex trading?

VPS (also known as a virtual private server is an independent platform that works almost similar to a computer.

VPS is good for forex trading because that means you can trade when you are moving and 24/7.

So, if you want to trade all day and night, VPS is a good choice to be investigated.

Which VPS is best for MT4?

If you are looking for VPS that is most suitable for MT4, then you can try Kametera Express.

This is a very reliable platform that specializes in ultra-fast and zero latency speeds. This is also very safe.

What is a VPS in forex?

There are many different virtual private servers that work well for forex trading.

You need to see certain factors you are looking for before you choose a particular provider.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best VPS platform for forex traders requires a lot of research and homework into what you want to get from the provider.

For example, safety and speed may be at the peak of your agenda, which means there are two factors you need to consider when viewing the provider.

Write the list of what you are looking for. From speed and security to customer service and compatibility, you will definitely find the perfect platform for you after you determine your main requirements.

5 Best Forex VPS in 2022 | 5 Best Forex VPS in 2022 | 5 Best Forex VPS in 2022 | 5 Best Forex VPS in 2022 | 5 Best Forex VPS in 2022 | 5 Best Forex VPS in 2022

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